Taking control of my medical care

At my appointment two weeks ago I was so confused with the results from the pentascan in my right eye (good eye). He said that the result was consistent with that from last year. What?! Corneas don't grow back, so how could it be better than last months? Noting that last months was so bad they thought I would be blind within months. I called back straight away for clarification, but the doctor wants to tell me in person at my next appointment.

I'm also confused about my cornea graft, the Sydney doctor has said a treatment plan that has my stitches being removed at the six month mark, but the Canberra doctor says they can be removed in 3-4 months. So which is it?

In my state of overwhelm I asked myself 'what would I say to a coaching client if they came to see me for assistance...?'. I would help them to 'chunk' their concerns into more manageable bites. Oh crap, chunking. I never quite got that ... Or so i thought. I spent the day noticing my thoughts and seeing what was bothering me. At the end of the day I sat down with my notepad and wrote each of the issues that are worrying me (see picture). Then I took out a page for each issue and I wrote down one or two actions I could take within a week and I put a date next to it. I prioritised my letter to my doctor and to work, and left jobs like contact Vision Australia or reading about the National Disability Insurance Agency for later in the week. It was all out of my head and I could see a glimmer of light.

These are the questions I wrote to my doctor:

Left eye

I am ok with how this is healing. I’m getting used to the discomfort or occasional pain and have

found that the more I rest my eye the better it feels. Questions are: