Healing me from the inside out

Healing affirmation - I am willing to heal, I have the courage to heal. I am ready to be whole.

Giving my corneal graft the best chance it has and just learning to cope with this scary situation is going to mean more than just eating good food. I'm really anxious about my eye, I can feel the stitches scratching against my eye lid almost all the time, my eye lid burns and I'm just so tired. I often wonder what the immediate future will be like, can I go back to work on Monday and handle working full time in front of the computer? I already have accessibility software set up for my vision impairement, so it's more about whether I'll have the energy to get through the day. Can I drive at night again? With my contact I get good vision, but if I'm wearing it during the day I run out of 'wearing time' at night and I can't be somewhere and have it fog up, otherwise I won't get home.

So all of these thoughts and stressors mean that I need to heal me as a whole, the anxiety can't be good for my eye and I'm a believer in the theory that our thoughts can create our illnesses and I don't want to let my fear cause my cornea to reject, or this to happen to my other eye. I am a long-time supporter of Louise Hay and her books on Heal Your Life and I have a wonderful library of healing and spiritual books so I knew exactly where I needed to turn. Plus my study as a Health and Wellbeing Coach has taught me heaps of great tools.


Step 1 is to change this negativity and fear into positivity with affirmations. Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and other famous influential figures all talk about the importance of affirmations. They help us focus on goals and if we repeat them with integrity, they can replace our negative thoughts.

There are a few I started with:

  • I am at peace with what is

  • I see the world with love and joy

  • I am safe, I am loved

Good practice is to repeat these 5 times each, 3 times a day in front of a mirror, looking straight into your own eyes. But I'm not that disciplined at the moment and am mostly saying them when I feel the anxiety kicking in, it still works just as well so I encourage you to do what you can. Check out my Affirmations page for more affirmations to help with your healing journey.


Step 2 is to incorporate daily meditations into my life. The easiest way to do this is to go to YouTube and search for 'guided healing meditations'. You can select a meditation for the amount of time you have and a voice that resonates with you.