Finally! Your personalised path to harnessing calm & clarity and springing into life!

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Now that you’re able to create moments of calm amongst the chaos, you might be wondering how do you move beyond this to feel:

  • you can make more empowered choices around your work, relationships and self-care

  • you have more control with all of your decisions 

  • confident in trusting your intuition and manifesting a life you love and

  • more deeply connected to your own purposeful path, regardless of what’s changing around you.


The next step is to harness your learnings and keep up the momentum to ingrain habits that will have you feeling more empowered and calmer over the long-term.


The Mind Your Mind program is for you if you are:

  • Eager to feel empowered over your mind

  • Excited to dive deeper into retraining your mind so that you’re back in the driver’s seat

  • Genuinely seeking change and ready for transformational mindset shifts

  • Determined to build your resilience so that you can handle life’s challenges with a sense of calm and clarity

  • Ready to overcome your apprehensions, keep motivated with support from a group of like-minded people.

  • Inspired to tune into your intuition and manifestation skills to create a life you love

  • Desire more meaningful relationships that allow you to be your true-self

  • Motivated to mind your mind with hands-on support to guide you through any issues or challenges that crop up in your life now as well as from past hurts or worries that you’ve been having trouble letting go of, and

  • Looking for continued support and accountability to strengthen your mindfulness practices from someone you trust and know has achieved the results you are seeking


Program Highlights

  • Be encouraged and inspired to keep momentum with regular meditation & mindfulness practices. 

  • Held accountable and kept motivated with practice sheets and weekly check-ins in the private Facebook group.

  • Have direct access to Nat on fortnightly Mindfully Aware group support calls.

  • Be supported by other like-minded people and make friendships with people who are going through the same life experiences as you are.

  • Gain inspiration with a mix of Buddhist wisdom and Western mindfulness and have your metaphysics (chakras) questions answered in the fortnightly Hot Topic Videos – where you get to choose the topic

  • And for those who want to work with Nat more closely, you have the opportunity to rise above your biggest challenges and delve into metaphysics to uncover and shift the hidden messages your body is holding on to.


This is your path to retraining your mind and smashing results in your business, work, wellbeing, relationships and re-creating a life you love!!

All with your own personal mindfulness and metaphysics coach to help you mind your mind and bring back balance to your life.

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Your options to join!

The Buddha gained enlightenment after meditating under the Bodhi (fig) tree for six years. Enlightenment means he is able to see the truth in all things and not let the challenges and tribulations of life disturb his peace or lose focus. 

Which stage of enlightenment are you ready to embark on with me…?

Option 1 - Seed of Mindfulness

  • Mindfully Aware – Group Zoom live session – 90 minutes each fortnight includes: 

    • 30 min guided meditation – by Nat, or for those who are feeling brave – why don’t you lead a session 😊 

    • Accountability check-in chat

    • Hot seat question – have your burning question answered to help you navigate through what’s challenging your peace right now. 

    • Support & encouragement from your peers

Value $1099


  • Mind Your Mind Facebook lives 

    • Gain clarity and inspiration to help you move through an issue that’s affecting your emotional wellbeing by nominating the Mind Your Mind fortnightly topic.

    • Each fortnight Nat will go live on Facebook delving deeper into a topic of your choice. You may vote for one of the suggested topics or nominate your own:

      • Vision Boarding – where are you headed!

      • Decluttering your mind & space

      • How to balance wisdom and compassion

      • Understanding Metaphysics and how to read the hidden messages your body

      • How to make the most of your mantra and create your own

      • How to work with your team in spirit and invoke the guidance of your deity / archangel

      • How to enhance your patience

      • Setting up a morning routine to guarantee a productive and energy-rich day

      • Setting up an evening routine to ensure a restful night’s sleep

      • The importance of living a life according to your values

      • How to truly accept your lot in life, be it health, relationships or work

      • What is Karma and why does it keep biting me on the butt?

      • Plus more added to the topic list regularly

    • You can choose from these topics and more! People can join the program at anytime and you may choose to stay on for longer than the initial 3 months so will have ample time to enjoy these inspiring and life-changing teachings.

Value $697


  • Mind Your Mind Booster Kit
    (amplify your results by completing these worksheets each week and posting them in the private Facebook group)

  • Mindfulness Practice Sheet

  • Gratitude journal

Value $97

  • Members-only Facebook group

    • A chance to connect with the group to share your wins and struggles

    • Keep yourself accountable with your mindfulness and meditation goals for the week

    • Post photos of your inspirational mindful activities

    • Share your worksheets from the Mind Your Mind Booster Kit

Value $397

  • BONUS - Nat’s morning meditation!

    • Yep that’s right, I’ll record the meditation sequence I do each morning to help me feel calm, focused and wash away any troubles that are on my mind!

    • Includes the Beginner’s Buddhist techniques you’ve learnt in the course plus a mini chakra balance

Value $27


Total value $2317


Your investment

Seed of Mindfulness

 $123 per month or one payment of $333


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Option 2 - Sapling of Mindfulness

  • Seed of Mindfulness Plus …

  • Access to Pre-recorded Zen Business Chick Meditation Bundle 

    • Chakra cleansing meditation to help you rock at your business

    • Grounding meditation to help you get back in control of your thoughts and feel calm and clear

    • A meditation to help you stay focused and crush your goals

    • A relaxing meditation to help you let go of the day and have a restful night’s sleep

Value $37

  • 1 x 60-minute laser-focused session to shift your mindset on a challenging or overwhelming situation, to help you be your best at work, home, relationships or health 

Value $147

  • 1 x 30 min Values setting session, to help you live a life aligned to your values and know that you’re on the right track with your choices and decisions. 

Value $97

  • Exclusive access to a guest expert session on matters of the mind – including consciousness, Buddhist philosophy, metaphysics, mindfulness and more. 

Value $197

  • Free access to the Thursday 6.30am online meditation classes, where we practice a variety of meditations including the Traditional Buddhist Meditation you’re learning and a monthly chakra balance as well as other relaxing, grounding and awakening meditations.

Value $220

  • 30 done-for-you mantras to recite in your meditation to focus and regain control of your mind (in work, relationships, wellness, lifestyle, family, abundance) 

Value $27

Total Value $3042


Your investment

Sapling of Mindfulness

$197 per month or one payment of $577


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Option 3 - Tree of Mindfulness

When you’re ready to be the tree that shines its way to the sunlight

Have Nat support you closely on this journey

  • Seed & Sapling of Mindfulness plus ….

  • Each month you’ll have a personal 60 minute laser-focused session to shift your mindset on a challenging or overwhelming situation, to help you be your best at work, home, relationships or health, including laser focused journal and reflection questions to keep you on track in between sessions. 

Value $591

  • Email or Messenger support in between sessions 

Value $777

  • Plus an Intuitive Chakra Balance with channelled affirmations for each chakra – find out where your blocks are and what hidden messages your energy body has to tell you!! You may choose to have this session first to guide what we work on in the other three sessions. 

Value $127

  • Plus Access to the Chakra Meditation bundle:

    • 3 x 45 minute full chakra meditations 

    • 10 minute quick morning chakra balance

    • 10 minute quick evening chakra balance

Value $47

Total value $4277


Your investment

Tree of Mindfulness

$447 per month or one payment of $1277

Starting 6 October 2021 – 11 week program with option to renew each term.


Your personalised path to harnessing calm & clarity and springing into life!


Payment options

Email or message Nat with:

  1. which program you’re ready to join

  2. how you’d like to pay - bank details or paypal

  3. your payment terms - in full or monthly 

*If you're experiencing financial hardship or on a concession payment and would like to experience this program, please email Nat to talk about a concession rate. Limited concessions are available. 

Then you’re in and get to sit back, knowing you’re supported and have taken the next steps in creating a life you love! 

If you’d like to have a chat to find out more about the program or if it’s right for you, let me know.

Nat xox

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