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Meditation & Mindfulness for Wellbeing

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Bring Calmness back into your Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or unsatisfied?

Do you struggle to make decisions or simply to cope with everyday life?

Do you suffer from a chronic illness that you'd like to manage better?

Meditation and mindfulness is a tried and tested way to improve your wellbeing. 

This six-week course will teach you effective meditation practices to help you live a more fulfilling life and gives you the opportunity and time to familiarise yourself with the techniques.


PLUS for busy people who don't have time to sit on the cushion each day, you will learn mindfulness techniques that you can use to cultivate a sense of calm and joy throughout your day.

Mindfulness is paying attention with openness, curiosity, flexibility and kindness.”

 - Dr. Russ Harris author of The Happiness Trap

"A wonderful course, I loved it! The six weeks really helped with the routine of meditating. A very safe space, it was comfortable to share our experiences with others. I definitely want this ongoing in my life and will continue to work with Nat. "

- Kay S.

What does it include?

Life can get a bit frantic. The days go by at a crazy pace and they sometimes leave us feeling drained, anxious or overwhelmed.


The Meditation and Mindfulness for Wellbeing course has been designed to teach you the basics of Buddhist meditation as well as mindfulness techniques that you can us to cultivate a sense of calm and joy throughout your day.

The August course will take place online via Zoom only. 


In October, the course will take place both at Umina Surf Club and online, so that you can join Nat in person or from the comfort of your own home!

6 x 90 minute Interactive Sessions

Over six weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of traditional Buddhist meditation as well as mindfulness techniques that you can use to cultivate a sense of calmness and joy throughout your day. 

You will also receive the recordings, granting you unlimited access to the content.

3 Meditation Technique Guides

Applying the meditation techniques at home, on your own can be overwhelming.


To support you, you will get:

- a mindfulness of body guide

- a mindfulness of breath guide

- a mindfulness of feelings guide

Your personal meditation coach

Getting into a regular practice can be a bit daunting.


To support you in your journey towards meditation and mindfulness, Nat will be available for you outside of the sessions if you need help with your practice and encouragement to get on the cushion.

Nat is an Accredited Meditation Teacher with Meditation Australia, a certified Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Wellness Coach, Chakra Intuitive and
an ACT Mindfully Practitioner.

Access to Guided Meditations

For those who prefer to be guided in their mediation, Nat has recorded each of the meditations you learn in this course! Keep building your skills and advancing within your meditation practice until you're ready to guide yourself.

Yours to keep forever!

Next course starts on
Monday 16 August 2021

6.30-8.00pm Sydney time

ONLINE VIA Zoom only

Yoga at Home


Nat is a beautiful soul who has been enlightened greatly due to her commitment to meditation and mindfulness practice. Listening to and hearing about her journey has inspired me to take steps to also begin meditation in hope that I can gain some of what Nat has during her journey.


"The 'habit' of meditation will be something I need to focus on post the course, but the mindful practices taught are already part of my everyday life, not just for me, but also for my husband and children. Mindful eating has made meal times special."


I have noticed that I'm pausing a lot more before reacting to a feeling, harsh words or exhausting behaviour. I seem to be a lot calmer!

The Course

Over six two-hour sessions you will learn how to support your emotional and physical wellbeing through meditation and mindfulness practices. 

Week 1

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Understanding the monkey mind.

  • How meditation sustains your wellbeing - from both a Buddhist and Western psychology perspective.

  • Emotional Wellbeing Check-in

    Meditation practice part 1: learn how to connect with your body through a self-guided body scan.

Week 2

Mindfulness of Body

  • How to bring your mind back to the present moment when you are feeling stressed or worried.

  • How to slow down your mind with mindfulness of movement .

  • How our eating habits are affected by our mind with mindfulness of eating.

    Meditation practice part 2: mindfulness of body continued.

Week 3

Mindfulness of Breath

  • How to get in touch with your thoughts and emotions at a deeper level.

  • Using the breath as an anchor to the present.

    Meditation practice part 3: mindfully observing the breath.

Week 4

Mindfulness of Feelings

  • How your thoughts turn into feelings which, if left unprocessed, turn into physical ailments.

  • Get back into the habit of a daily gratitude practice to support your emotional wellbeing.

    Meditation practice part 4: using mindfulness of breath to process emotions and feelings.

Week 5

Mindfulness of Speech
and Action

  • Gain insight into how your speech and behaviour impacts not only those around you, but how it can affect your own wellbeing as well.

  • Learn how to use mindfulness before you respond to a situation.

  • The gift of foresight.

    Meditation practice part 5: incorporating all of the techniques learned so far.

Week 6

Mindfulness of Sleep

  • How anxiety and the monkey mind affects your sleep.

  • Why counting sheep actually works.

  • Introducing a nighttime routine and journaling

    Meditation practice part 6 : mindfulness of sleep

To support your meditation practice at home, you will also learn:

  • How to set up your meditation space.

  • How to get the most out of your meditation session.

  • How to get motivated to sit on the cushion.

  • How to overcome pain and discomfort when you meditate.

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Join the Course

Next course will commence 0n


16 August 2021

6.30-8.00pm Sydney time

ONLINE VIA Zoom only

Places are limited to 12 so don't wait!

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Early Bird Price - only $247 for 6 weekly lessons to transform your wellbeing

Available until 21 July 2021

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to transform your wellbeing and help you be the person you want to be

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to transform your wellbeing and help you be the person you want to be

Concession & Circle

Available to concession / low income 

Payable upfront or installments.

Pay in full $247

3x fortnightly payments of $84


Lessons will be recorded on Zoom and can be emailed out to you if you miss a lesson, or you can join that lesson for the next course.

Payment by bank transfer is also available, simply email me. 5% of my net profits for all meditation courses and programs go to the Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra

Experiencing financial hardship
If you are in financial hardship and are unable to pay the concession price, please email me at nat@wellnessnat.com with a paragraph on why the meditation course is important to you right now. I am able to offer a limited number of even further reduced rate spots.



  • Payments are made as an automatic deduction through Paypal or email Nat for bank transfer details  nat@wellnessnat.com

  • Once the course has started, no refunds will be given for non-attendance or cancellation. 

  • If the course has started and you are unwell, you are welcome to join the next course or join the sessions via Zoom.

  • Partial refund, minus an admin fee of $50 will be given for cancellations up to one week before the course commences.

  • If you select the payment plan option of and decide to drop out of the course before it is completed, you are still committed to finish your payment plan.

  • A minimum of three participants are required to run the course

About Nat

Nat is a certified Meditation Teacher, Wellness Coach, Chakra Intuitive and ACT Mindfully Practitioner.

She has been on her own self-healing journey and attributes her miraculous self-healing to the power of meditation. 

Nat loves sharing the healing benefits of meditation and mindfulness with people and watching their lives transform.

Nat also works with these wonderful organisations:

  • Wellness With Nat
  • Wellness with Nat
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