Reduce Stress, Anxiety and


The best way to find inner peace and happiness and to

self-heal is through meditation and mindfulness.

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This is me, getting my buddhist meditation on #myhappyplace

This can be done by calming your mind whilst you are sitting in meditation and also learning how to calm your mind (be mindful) while you are going through your day.


I offer ONLINE meditation sessions where you can join me from the comfort of your own home.

I chose to offer online meditation classes as often people who are unwell or have anxiety are unable to consistently leave the house to attend meditation classes.

Plus now with the social isolation from the pandemic, online meditation groups are proving more important than ever!

I am a trained Buddhist meditation teacher through the Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra and regularly attend Buddhist retreats and teachings to keep my skills up. I have been studying the energy body, including chakras since 2011.


Once I received my Usui Reiki attunements I was able to energetically connect in with people from all over the world to balance and reactivate their chakras.

Meditation by the Sea

Find your zen and self-heal

​I offer these programs to help you find your zen and self-heal.

Self-healing Meditation Circle

There are a lot of pieces that come together to support us on our self-healing journey and meditation is the key.  Nat has bundled up the most enriching and fulfilling package to support you on your own self-healing journey

Meditation & Mindfulness for Wellbeing Course

This six-week course will teach you simple meditation practices to help you live a more fulfilling life, PLUS! You will gain insights and receive practical mindfulness tips to support your wellbeing

off the cushion!

Find your Zen

Sometimes we need a guiding hand from someone who understands the trials and tribulations of life.

 Nat will help you find your Zen and smile again with these one on one programs.

You can also join me locally!

on the Central Coast, NSW

Sunrise beach meditation 

Every Saturday, meet at 6.20am at Ocean Beach SLSC, Umina Beach NSW. For Free.

With the crew from Making Meditation Mainstream.

A global meditation movement created in response to escalating suicide rates and mental health challenges experienced in our communities.

Weekly Meditation Sessions

Relax, ground and connect with a guided meditation and group discussion on issues that are affecting your emotional wellbeing.

Twice per week at Umina Beach Yoga, starting in August.

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They love it

Enjoy some free meditations to help you find your Zen

Find your zen and self-heal

with one-on-one sessions.


Life's too stressful Nat, Help!

Learn how to befriend your monkey mind and cultivate a sense of calm with three private sessions with Nat.


Nat will coach you through the issues that are causing you the most stress and unhappiness right now.


You will also learn the basics of the beginner's Buddhist meditation techniques which you can use for the rest of your life.

Plus, we will create your own tailored meditation!

Book at chat with Nat to find out if this program is suitable for you and let's get you on your road to recovery.


Ignite your Self-healing journey

When it's time to stop the buzz occurring in your mind and start feeling at peace and even enjoy your day once more.

Plus, we will create your own tailored meditation!


Book a free chat with Nat today to see how this program can work for you and let's get you on your road to recovery.

Over 3 months Nat will work with you one on one to give you techniques to feel calm and relaxed in any situation and be able to use your thoughts to feel back in control of your life again.

You will also gain access to the Self-Healing Meditation Circle to boost your meditation practice and support you during this time.

Two one on one sessions per month, email contact for support in between sessions.

$250 /month

3-month coaching program

3 private sessions

10% of my net profits for all meditation courses and programs go to the Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra

Still not sure what to chose from ?

Contact Nat now to have a chat about

what is best for you !

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