Awaken your Energy Centres & Intuitive Guidance 

Find your zen, relax and rebalance your energy centres with one of my beautiful chakra balances

Chakras go all the way back to ancient India where the yogis sensed seven main energy centres in the body, spinning like fan blades.


Each of the chakras has its own colour and have been associated with certain physical and emotional ailments in the body. When the chakras are blocked or spinning too fast or slow it can cause physical and emotional issues and also feel like your life isn't in flow.


Discover where the energetic blockages within your body are with an Intuitive chakra reading and balance.

If you would like more guidance and to work with me one-on-one to get your chakras aligned and balanced more deeply, choose one of fantastic Chakra Coaching Programs!


Rei-ki is the ancient art of hands-on healing. Its principal effects are relieving stress and pain and stimulating the body's own healing processes by enhancing the flow of life force energy through direct touch. It is a system of manual therapy which is a passive, stationary, hands-on treatment, not requiring movement or pressure.  

Couple that with my intuitive abilities that have strengthened with my regular meditation practices and I'll be able to help you identify the hidden messages that your body is ready to tell you! 


I am a certified Medical Intuitive and qualified Usui Rei-ki Practitioner, practicing since 2013, and have been working with chakras and crystal healing since 2009 so you know you're in good hands! 

I regularly balance my chakras with the same meditations and reiki techniques that I share with you. It helps to keep me calm, balanced, open and aligned to manifest all of the amazing things the world has to offer.

The sessions are held through Zoom, an online program that allows us to connect while you are in the comfort of your own home. 

"Nat is an incredibly gifted healer.  She was so spot on with every message she had for me, that any disbeliever would become a believer!
I found the entire Chakra reading and balance to be extremely moving, eye-opening, and grounding.  
Many of the messages she shared with me hit home really hard because I knew it what exactly what I needed to hear.  
I've been to healers and psychics before but never left saying I'd go back.  With Nat, I knew within the first 20 mins that this was something I'd do with her again.  I also slept the best I've slept in ages that night!"


- Kerry Biddington

Image by Adam Nieścioruk

Let me help you on your

self-healing journey

Find your Zen with a Chakra balance 
& intuitive reading


all done from the comfort of your own home, via an online session.

If you would like an in-person session please email Nat.

Choose from either a single session, or if you're ready to work more with Nat then see which program resonates most. Click the Book a Chat button to discuss your needs with Nat.


Chakra Balance & Intuitive Reading

Spoil yourself with this blissful and relaxing chakra balance and uncover the hidden messages that your body is ready to give you now!


This is a combined reiki and coaching session to help you break through your energy blocks and shift what's no longer serving you right now. 


Lie back and relax in the comfort of your own home while Nat uses the ancient art of reiki to connect to your energy body and balance each of your 7 main your chakras.


As Nat connects with each chakra she will reveal the hidden messages that are being stored in your chakra. These can be messages that will help you better understand things that are happening around your health or your emotional wellbeing.


Nat will share the intuitive messages from your energy body with you and open up the option for a discussion so that you can go deeper and shift the shit that's holding you back from feeling free, relaxed and focused in your life again.


Then to help lock in the change, she share an affirmation that she's channeled right there and then to support that chakra balance..

As a bonus gift, you will receive an email with your personal affirmations support your energy shift for as long as you need.


This session is done in the comfort of your own home via an online program called Zoom. Nat connects with you through her intuitive abilities.


90 mins

Bring Back your Balance
Chakra Program

When it's time to delve deeper into what is causing the blockages in your life, to release what is no longer serving you and to get you back in flow to allow you to live the life you want.


Nat will give you intuitive insights into what is causing the blocks and over the course of THREE fortnightly sessions, you will work together to gain clarity on issues and situations that are affecting your wellbeing.


We will work together to get your life back on track and feeling in flow again.

The first session will be a chakra balance to help identify the blockages and clear them energetically. 

The following sessions will be a mix of either more chakra work and some focusing on smashing those goals we set in session 1.

If this sounds like what you need press the book button to book a chat with Nat to discuss how the program can help you. Let's get you on your road to recovery.

3x 60-90 minute sessions

plus support in between via email 

Payment plans are available 


Open up your heart & mind
Complete Chakra re-balance program

This is the ultimate program to completely realign your 7 main chakras and shift the shit that is going on in your life!

Session 1

A full body chakra balance and intuitive reading and setting up the goals for the program

Session 2-8

Each session we focus on a chakra, starting from your root, up to your crown chakra over the 7 weeks.

These sessions include a balance for that chakra and working through the emotions or physical challenges / blockages that are showing up in your life in that area.

Each week you will have handouts to help support you on your journey and delve deeper into the issues of each charka.

Session 9

One more full chakra balance to get you off on your merry way and a plan to keep your hard work and new lease on life open and flourishing!

If this sounds like what you need press the book button to book a chat with Nat to discuss how the program can help you. Let's get you on your road to recovery and living your best life!

9x 60-90 minute sessions

plus support in between via email 

Payment plans are available 


"My Chakra Balance with Natalie Jane was amazing! Natalie is so intuitive and was spot on in her reading of what is  going on for me right now. I could really feel the energy even though we weren't in the same room. Afterwards I felt calm and rejuvenated.


The session also included a beautifully presented PDF of special messages for me that Natalie had tuned into during the Chakra balance.

I highly recommend booking a session even if you haven’t experienced anything like this before.

Put your logical mind on hold and believe in magic. Book a session and you’ll see what I mean."

- Melanie Campbell / Coach at

Already understand your chakras and just need an energy cleanse? Book in for a straight balance!

Chakra Balance

Perfect for someone who understands their chakras and simply wants a balance and the relaxing and calming affects of a chakra balance.

Nat will share with you how your chakras have responded to the treatment. A detailed reading isn't provided.

This session is done in the comfort of your own home via an online program called Zoom.


45 mins

"I had a Chakra reading with Natalie. It was my first time & I can honestly say it was an AMAZING experience.

Nat is fun, playful and very very good at what she does. Her insights were completely attuned to what I was mentally, emotionally & physically experiencing and I had a huge smile on my face the entire time.

The end result was that my energy blocks were cleared, leaving me relaxed, realigned and ‘whole’ again. And I was left with affirmations that I can continue to utilise whenever I feel the need to work on those areas of self-development.

The best part was that we were able to do this remotely, on a zoom call with the video switched off so I had complete privacy as I lay under my doona on my sofa at home with my earphones in, listening to Nat as she worked her magic.

Whenever I experience something special and enjoyable, the first thing I’m compelled to do is to share it - and so, without further ado, here is the link to Nat’s website where you can book a reading of your very own, from the comfort of your own home - anywhere in the world!!"

Peta Rudd / Stylist/Photographer at

* Disclaimer *

No psychic can be considered 100% accurate, therefore readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

You must be at least 18 years of age.  Currently, all reading payments are processed through PayPal. 

Session must be paid in full before reading.