Hush the Rush

The complete meditation collection for bringing calm and clarity into your life.

Designed specifically for the multi-tasking, multi-passionate person who's looking to find calm and clarity amongst the chaos of their busy, and sometimes overwhelming day.

Styles of meditaions and why they help



Goal setting

plus 3 mintue ones to feel calm and gain clarity in an instant.

suggestion: chakras work best if you do them daily for 21 days - give it a go and see what shifts in your life

put images of the types of people it helps -busy, multi-tasking, multipassionate, ahppy , calm, working, headphones

what do you gain?

what's the value to you?

Your life enhancing meditations

  • chakra balancing meditation to help you rock it at your business or workplace

  • Grounding meditation to help you get back in control of your thoughts and feel calm and clear

  • A relaxing meditation to help you let go of the day and have a restful night's sleep

  • A meditation to help you visualise, manifest and crush your short and long term goals.

  • A meditation to guide you to clarity with a current challenge you're facing - be it a relationship, activity or self-talk

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Bonus tracks

  • 10 minute chakra balance to get your energy in flow and balance for the day

  • 3 minute grounding meditation for when you need an instant moment of calm

X personally recorded tracks to help you find your calm and gain clarity and help you to live your best life!

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