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Hi, I'm Nat!

I am a Mindfulness and Metaphysics Coach empowering busy, multi-tasking women to bring a sense of balance and calm to the overwhelm and pressures of their chaotic day, enabling them to create a happy and fulfilling life, even if they don’t have time to sit and meditate!

That's right, you can learn to find a your sense of calm and balance without having to sit and meditate every day. 

That's all due to my signature ‘Mindfulness on the Go’ approach, which teaches busy, multi-tasking women how to create an instant sense of calm (even if they have no time to sit and meditate).


I am also a lover of natural healing and make delicious soul-warming teas.

I've been there before ... 

In 2015 I faced the devastating prospect of going blind from a degenerative eye disease (you can read more about that in my story). 


This was the catalyst that ignited a personal journey to explore techniques to help manage my anxiety around this life-changing situation.

I explored both Western mindfulness methods and delved into the study of Eastern methods, including metaphysics/chakras and Buddhism. Including spending 3 months in a Buddhist meditation retreat mostly in silence and ... another time where I met His Holiness the Dalai Lama!

The moment I got my mind back and accepted my life with a disability everything changed.

Whilst my hope was to live a fulfilling life despite my disability (I was using a blind cane!), mindfulness proved so powerful that four years later my vision was miraculously restored with surgery.

Today my mission is to share the very mindfulness and metaphysics techniques that have allowed me to regain control of my anxious mind and create a life I love, whilst being multi-passionate and living with the chronic pain.

I would love the opportunity to explore how these techniques can help support you too.

I invite you to scroll down and explore which service ... metaphysics or mindfulness - or a mix of both, might interest you today. Let's have a free chat where we can see what works best for you :) 


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Tuesdays 6.30am Umina Surf Club & on Zoom. Starts 26 April 2022

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Meditation and mindfulness classes and courses

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Intuitive chakra balances and programs to find the hidden messages that your stress is causing your body

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Naturopath-approved organic teas that
taste great!

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