Ready to find your Zen?

Are you ready to heal yourself?

You've come to the right place!

Hi, I'm Nat!

I am a qualified Wellness Coach & Associate Member of Meditation Australia. I have a passion for all things health and wellness.

I empower people to self-heal through meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing practices.

I've been there before ... 

I've had a health condition that totally impacted my life -  I nearly went blind! (read my story)


I've suffered from the anxiety that arose because of my illness. I had the sleepless nightsthe overwhelm, the exhaustion, the tears. I felt hopeless. My life fell apart. 


But I knew there had to be a better way.

Through meditation, mindfulness, energy work, and herbal teas, I found a natural way to find my zen, heal myself, and recreate a life I love.

Self-healing takes patience and a will to be able to connect in with yourself to find the deeper cause of the ailments.


My biggest breakthrough came after spending 3 months in a Buddhist retreat, but you don't have to! 

I'm sharing these exact techniques with you right here!


We all have the power to self-heal.

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Create Calm through the Chaos FREE masterclass

learn the hidden effects of stress on your body and ways to inspire calm

What's on now


Creating Calm Through Chaos (through Covid and Beyond) 6 week mindfulness course
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How can I help you self-heal your

mind, body and soul today?

Reduce stress & anxiety and self-heal

with meditation and mindfulness classes 

Self-heal with naturopath-approved organic teas that

taste great!

 Soothe your soul and reconnect with yourself

with Chakra balances, reiki and intuitive readings

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