Relax while Nat clears and activates your chakras and receive insights on how these energy blocks affect your emotional and physical wellbeing.


Anxiety, stress, tension and overwhelm store in our body. A chakra balance helps shift that energy to help you feel relaxed, lighter, rejuivinated and have a sense of clarity.


*please note that bookings for your balance may be up to two weeks away

This chakra balance is done from the comfort of your own home, where Nat connects with you via Zoom. At the start of the call Nat connects in with your higherself and talks with you while she balances each chakra, providing you with insights and affirmations for each chakra. 

At the end of your session you may feel relaxed, lighter, calmer, rejuivinated, more in-flow with your path and passions and have a sense of clarity around how to move forward with an issue or project.


Within 24 hours Nat will also send you a handout that has the affirmations that were channelled during your balance.

Plus! Provide your postal address and you will receive a Chakra tea - perfect to continue the effects of the chakra balance long after your session. 

Shortly after your payment has been received Nat will send you an email with instructions to book in your chakra balancing session.


Chakra Balance, Insights and Tea

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