Find your zen, relax and rebalance your engergy centres with one of my beautiful rei-ki treatments or chakra balances

What they say

I had a Chakra reading Natalie. It was my first time & I can honestly say it was an AMAZING experience.

Nat is fun, playful and very very good at what she does. Her insights were completely attuned to what I was mentally, emotionally & physically experiencing and I had a huge smile on my face the entire time.

The end result was that my energy blocks were cleared, leaving me relaxed, realigned and ‘whole’ again. And I was left with affirmations that I can continue to utilise whenever I feel the need to work on those areas of self-development.

The best part was that we were able to do this remotely, on a zoom call with the video switched off so I had complete privacy as I lay under my doona on my sofa at home with my earphones in, listening to Nat as she worked her magic.

Whenever I experience something special and enjoyable, the first thing I’m compelled to do is to share it - and so, without further ado, here is the link to Nat’s website where you can book a reading of your very own, from the comfort of your own home - anywhere in the world!! 

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My Chakra Balance with Natalie Jane was amazing! Natalie is so intuitive and was spot on in her reading of what is  going on for me right now. I could really feel the energy even though we weren't in the same room. Afterwards I felt calm and rejuvenated.


The session also included a beautifully presented PDF of special messages for me that Natalie had tuned into during the Chakra balance.

I highly recommend booking a session even if you haven’t experienced anything like this before.

Put your logical mind on hold and believe in magic. Book a session and you’ll see what I mean.

Melanie Campbell / Coach at

Find your Zen

with a Chakra balance & intuitive reading

Chakra balance & intuitive reading

Lie back and relax while Nat connects to your energy body and balances your chakras.

You will find out where your chakras are blocked and how they may be impacting your emotional and physical wellbeing. 


Nat will guide you through the session and provide intuitive insights and channeled affirmations. As a bonus gift, you will receive an email with your personal affirmations.


This session is done in the comfort of your own home via an online program called Zoom. Nat connects with you through her intuitive abilities.


80 mins

Self isolation special
only $97!

Chakra balance

Perfect for someone who understands their chakras and simply wants a balance and the relaxing and calming affects of a chakra balance.

Nat will share with you how your chakras have responded to the treatment. A detailed reading isn't provided.

This session is done in the comfort of your own home via an online program called Zoom.


45 mins

Self isolation special
only $55!

 More deets....

Chakras go all the way back to ancient India where the yogis sensed seven main energy centres in the body, spinning like fan blades. Each of the chakras have their own colour and have been associated with certain physical and emotional aliments in the body. When the chakras are blocked or spinning too fast or slow it can cause physical and emotional issues and also feel like your life isn't in flow.


Discover where the energetic blockages within your body are with a chakra reading and balance.

If you would like more guidance and to work with me one on one to get your chakras aligned and balanced more deeply, my Chakra Coaching Program is for you!


Rei-ki is the ancient art of hands-on healing. Its principal effects are relieving stress and pain and stimulating the body's own healing processes, by enhancing the flow of life force energy through direct touch. It is a system of manual therapy which is a passive, stationary, hands-on treatment, not requiring movement or pressure.  


I am a qualified Usui Rei-ki Practitioner, practicing since 2013 and have been working with chakras and crystal healing since 2009.

The sessions are held through Zoom, an online program that allows us to connect while you are in the comfort of your own home. 

Find your Zen

with a energy balancing rei-ki treatment


Relax, unwind and re-balance your energy centres with one of my beautiful rei-ki treatments


This session is done in the comfort of your own home via an online meeting room. Nat connects with you energetically and provides the rei-ki treatment in the same process as in person.


60 mins

Bring back your balance with Chakra Coaching

When it's time to delve deeper into what is causing the blockages in your life and to get you back in flow.


 Nat will give you intuitive insights into what is causing the blocks and over the course of three fortnightly sessions, you will work together to gain clarity issues and situations and work together to get your life back on track and feeling in flow again.

If this sounds like what you need press the book button to book a chat with Nat to discuss how the program can help you.


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